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Audio download section: Hear more than 30,000 audio files full of Krishna consciousness - enough audio files for lifetime of continuous hearing.
Hearing spiritual discourses is the best way to learn vedic wisdom. It is a bonafide way of taking you back by centuries & to associate with great saints who have perfected their lives in Krishna consciousness. Hearing is a very good form of association. 
We have collection of spiritual discourses and kirtans of wide variety - ranging from Srila Prabhupada to his sincere disciples and grand disciples.
Our aim is to create a facility for the present generation of devotees to be able to hear and associate with a variety of spiritual guides representing Srila Prabhupada's teachings. 
Our team of devotees from ISKCON desire tree office are continously searching and updating on speakers and their content. You too can become participate in this divine service to devotees by sending us more audio files. Giving & sharing spiritual knowledge is the highest form of eternal charity.
We host only with prior permissions of the speaker or his follower/ representatives.

Internet radio 24 X 7 

ISKCON podcast - all in one place. Listen to the latest audio lectures delivered around the world - aggregated from RSS enables websites.


For your devotional pleasure, we have a wide range of videos on various devotees, festivals  & temples Watch more than 3,500 online videos from various parts of the world.

We have collected some videos on devotional dramas. Some are with scripts. 
Dramas - drama videos & scripts

ISKCON Chowpatty webcam allows you to view the temple hall, the deities and the devotees. Watch

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