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Smita Krishna Swami

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H H Smita Krishna Swami was born in Sweden in 1952. He joined ISKCON in 1970 in Hamburg, Germany and recieved spiritual initiation from His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1971. In 1973 he moved back to the Sweden with the first group of devotees to establish preaching of Krsna consciousness in Sweden. He spent few years as one of Srila Prabhupada´s book distributors. And later switched to the Pujari service, when he took care for seva of Sri Sri Gandharvika Giridharí at Korsnas Gard in Sweden. He accepted the renounced order of life, vaishnava sanyas, in 1986 in Sridham Mayapur and since 1988 is the initiating spiritual master in ISKCON. Maharaj is known among devotees for his kind and meek, simple-hearted nature and enlightening lectures based on his many many realizations. He is preaching mostly around Europe (Skandinavia, Baltic states, Balkan states and middle Europe). The field of his interest is mostly to encourage farm comunities and self-sufficiency including cow protection in ISCKON. Since 1982 when Sweden farm project (Almviks Gard) was started he made his seat there.